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Fusion 2.5 Examples

Fusion 2.5 List

Images File Title Extensions Example Info
P3D - Quake
Active System Box - Array - Combo Box - Layer - List - Mouse Object - Open Url - Text Blitter - P3D Shaders Quake game, using mouse to shoot, select items, open doors, elevator and much more. Remember you need P3D Shaders to run. DirectX 9
Firefly - Light Engine
Firefly - Color Dialog - Layer How do the light in firefly! Use Point, Spot and Directional light.
Firefly - Mannequin
Firefly - Lacewing Blue Client - Layer - Platform Object Login - Multiplayer Master/Slave, 2D/3D Platform Demo, fbx files
Subtitles with Actives
None Subtitles with Actives
Listbox to String - String to Listbox String tokenizer - Quick Save Get data from listbox into string and back
Tab Menu Layer object Tab Menu with id and slider
Mixer and Speak HTML5 - HTML5 Video Change Mixer and listen to the Clock speaking the current time (danish version)
Prince of Persia Platform Movement object Attempt to make prince of persia tileset. Make it 2d/3d
2D Chess Multi Player Lacewing Relay Client Move the bricks via Lacewing Relay Client
Math Island Easying Object - Physics Engine - Physics Ground It contain many small games. You must complete some games to open other games. (The games are mainly in Danish!)
Marky Tanks HTML5 - Physics Engine - Platform Movement object You have 5 diffents weapons to shoot with! Power and angle to aim.
Star Ball Clickteam Movement Controller You rotate in circle to hit the balls and to aim at the stars!
Piano Master 3D Chords Layer object - INI 3d notes to play chords. Volume and driffrents sounds and notes info.
Mini Golf Clickteam Movement Controller - String tokenizer Use mouse to control the speed and direction. There's 8 levels.
Santa On Ice Get Object - String Parser - Layer Object Strategy Game where Santa may not cross the board! There's some driffrent weapons to stop Santa!
Hostage Active System Box - Array - Windows Control Strategy Game where you can multi select players. Select one and a check point to move player!
Draco Clickteam Movement Controller - Easing Object - Layer Object - Physics Engine - Physics Fan Click to rotate wheel to get same four colors in row!